It Would Be My Joy…..

Day 361: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

December 27, 2011

It just occurred to me that it may be a good idea to begin some preliminary retail scavenging.  After all, at some point I will be able to buy some things if I so desire and as of late, I’ve no idea what I would choose.  I’ve not kept up with the latest trends, nor do I have a good handle on what I need (save some bare necessities.)  So, I went to Marshall’s to have a peek. Feeling uninspired, I left with some fashionable dish gloves for my mom: lime green trimmed in leopard print plastic.. You know, the rubber kind for goofing around with chemicals and dishwashing detergent.  Exciting, I know.

I’m actually feeling an underlying sense of pressure with the commencement of Shopfast looming.  I did not anticipate it at all. I truly thought I’d be chomping at the bit to buy something….anything….and quickly. Yet my anxiety has shifted from “not buying” to “making the first purchase. A number of the blog readers have messaged me about “What will you buy?” Or, they say, “I can hardly wait to see what you will purchase.”

Truth is, I doubt, actually, that there will be a significant “first purchase.” I fear there will be disappointment in the fact that there is not necessarily a grand finale to this year of crazed restraint. My husband and I had discussed taking a trip to Milan, as a reward for finishing the year strong. With the way our year has progressed, and the added family responsibilities, I don’t see that as a possibility in 2012. Yet, I don’t even feel discouraged about it. Weird.

As I race through the last 4 days of this Shopfast, and ponder the past year of tremendous personal growth, I would like to invite your feedback.  If you’ve been reading about my adventure and it’s touched you in some way, please share it with me.  I invite your comments. If you have a suggestion of what you think I should buy or a guess about what I may gravitate towards, go ahead and post it here.  If you had a favorite story, I’d love to know it. It would be my joy, and mean so much to hear from you.

Thank you for journeying with me….


2 responses

  1. I’ve been following your journey since about July, and appreciate your honest reports of how you’ve progressed. Reading your accounts has helped me pause before making purchases of my own, resulting in smarter choices. Thank you for that! As for your first purchase…I have a feeling that it will be something meaningful that reflects your renewed appreciation of the life you have with your family. It may not happen for a while. But when you find that special item that reflects what you’ve learned about yourself over the last year, you’ll know. And I hope you will share it here!

  2. Hi Stacy,

    Thank you so very much for your comment. It’s been fun to hear from the readers like you and hear your thoughts about the project. I’m also glad to learn that this exercise has helped you too. I know my blogging will continue, although the evolution and format of it is still a mystery to me. Time will tell. I will surely share that first purchase here. Happy New Year! Thanks for you encouragement!

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