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Christmas Blessings to you all!  What a wonderful celebration of my Savior, family and love!  I could get all wrapped up in oozing sweet sentiments about my very favorite holiday. But, I’ll spare you and get right to the point.  Although, I’ve started MANY new Christmas traditions with my family (i.e. a mischievous elf, a santa key, cookies for Santa, etc…), my favorite tradition is the SANTA PILE.  The Santa Pile has a long-running, multi-generational place in our family’s history.  It is an extremely important element of the “gifting” process in our home.  Each Christmas, Santa leaves a personal pile of presents, some wrapped and some exposed for EVERY member of the family.  Of course, he always has a huge hole in his bag so candy and fruit are left scattered in a trail from the front door to the back door. We can identify his path pretty easily.  It was remarkable when the kids awoke to his surprise. Magical, really.  I had my parents, grandmother, siblings and their families over for breakfast and gifts.  Later, we went to my mother’s for lunch and then met up with Steve’s family at Disney World.  Talk about a power packed day!  Who has time to think about shopping with all this craziness!  I trust you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating the people you value and experiencing the special time of year we all look forward to year after year.

Now Presenting……


The kids were pretty pumped about their bikes!!!!

Livie always striking a pose. Mommy needs coffee. Fast.

Olivia busting into her stocking, “STICKERS!!!”

Owen says, “Hooray for CANDY!!!!!”

The Santa Pile!  My peeps must have been really good.

Olivia loves princesses! She received Belle and the Beast from Santa. She and I also received matching aprons! Hers is pictured here.

Grandma Sara being rescued by Captain America!

My niece Annabelle’s first Christmas!!!!


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