The 12 Days of Shopfast (Last Days, that is): The Clothes in Review

Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar 0

It is December 19th. The 353rd day of the year. For me, this means 353 days spent resisting any and all temptation to purchase clothing for myself with the exception of an occasional item purchased via gift card given to me.  Those occasions have been very few and far between. In fact, I can itemize for you:

1. Red Zara jeans ,blue & white striped Tee (Last year’s Christmas Gift Card)

3. White Current Elliot Jeans (Amex Christmas GC) : You can read about them here…

3. Black Party Dress (Nordstrom Notes/GC): Check it out here:

4. Coral Striped Dress (Nordstrom Notes/GC)

5. Dress & Blouse (Hattie’s Branches GC….  )

Then there were the gifts…..

1. A Birthday Gift from Mom : Kohl’s Birthday Extravaganza (pictured here…

2.. A Birthday Gift from Steve: J. Crew Skirt

3.   A Birthday Gift from the Maddens: Pumpkin Esley Dress from Hattie’s (

4.  An anonymous Gift:

This is not a bad lineup, if I really think about it, all things considered.


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