I’ve Lost My Shopping Mojo!

Day 348: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Hi, it’s me again.  I’ve given up on further attempts to “catch up” my days missed blog posting. I think you understand, Tis the season to be runnin’. Some of the things I’ve not shared lately include a fun trip last weekend to “Lights of Lakeland”, a phenomenal Christmas Village hosted by a church in the community, a sales meeting, a fight with the United States post office, lots of laundry and Livie’s bout with the stomach virus. We are on the mend, and gearing up for an incredibly fun-filled Christmas season.

I’ve done a bit more shopping lately, as necessitated by the season.  And, in the midst of it, made another personal discovery.  My shopping endurance has diminished. I’ve lost my Shop Mojo! I have not been able to last longer than 2 hours in a mall without going home.  I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, to date, in VERY small doses.  In fact, I still have over half the people on my list who need a gift, most importantly, my husband. With 12 days to go, I find this disturbing.  My history has been to buy, buy, buy, buy. Buy now….think about it later. This year, I’ve become a bit of a spendthrift, clutching tightly my debit card and even texting my husband today instructing him “not to buy me anything.”


This evening another peculiar behavior emerged: I went to Wal-Mart, by choice, and enjoyed it.  Actually, I thought they had a glorious selection of baking supplies and cute cupcake holders. They also boasted delightful knit hats that made me want to return the ones I purchased for the kids at Old Navy last week. While in the store, I ran into many helpful shoppers in the toy department. In fact, while being completely enamoured with a serious glowing Star Wars Light Saber, I was interrupted by a fellow shopper, and avid SW collector who wanted to explain to me all about them. This man has VERY collectible paraphernalia, and shared his admiration for the trilogy. Did I mention that he had storm troopers tattooed on his leg? Yes. He did. Despite his convincing presentation, I did not purchase the light saber or any other toys for that matter. I already have enough for the kiddos. This year, I’m banking on less is more.

I’ve decided that we have more than enough.

That’s the take home message, really. We’ve been blessed in abundance and no amount of excess stuff could enhance that. I will be celebrating abundance of life when I squeeze my new niece on Christmas morning, this year her first. I will rejoice in the abundance of friendship when I sup with 2 of our dearest ones Friday and many more when we open our home next week. There will be abundance of laughter in times shared with my kids over the next few weeks and hopefully rest: I’m on vacation.  Abundant restoration is evolving at my mom’s, with grandma making remarkable improvements each day. She is rebuilding her life and we are holding her hand.

This, my friends, is what we live for. Living out the true joy of Christmas means simply to pause, breathing in the magic of the season, understanding that is not confined to delicately wrapped packages.

These are just some pictures from our holiday activities. First, my Christmas tree. Second, Steve & I in Charleston, SC, and lastly the kids and I at Lights of Lakeland.


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    • Thank you so much! Hey, could you go ahead and send me the Cabi catalog for Spring? lol. I have to tell you, those T-shirts are the best! I’ve really enjoyed the ones I bought last year!

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