Meet Boomer, The Shop Fast Patrol.

Days 336 & 337

December 5 & 6, 2011


Yes, the season to be jolly is upon us, and this year we’ve adopted a new house guest. I like to say he’s joined the Reed Family’s Division of Behavioral Operations Department. I’m entrusting to him a weighty responsibility to monitor, and honestly assess the attitudes and actions of two, shall we say “fit-to-be-tied” preschoolers.  During the hustle bustle of the season, it always helps to have another pair of eyes on the situation.  Boomer, as the children call him, is busy enjoying his new environment, and of course, reports each evening to Santa all of the day’s happenings.  I must admit, I think he may be a little mischievous himself, as you will see by the pictures.  Word also has it, that he’s no respecter of persons, therefore he’s also acting as compliance officer to make certain that I stay my course on the shop fast.

Yes, he is enjoying himself and keeping us all straight.


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