Broughton Boutiquing

Days 334 & 335

December 3-4, 2011

Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar: 8

Inevitably, the spirit of Christmas translates into the spirit of shopping for me.  Although the personal impact seems to be much weaker this year, I’m not dead to desire.  I find it especially tempting when exploring places like King Street in Charleston, South Carolina or strolling down Broughton Street in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia. Both of these quaint boutique shopping treasures present a plethora of eye candy.  Boasting holiday sales, and unique gift offerings, it’s difficult to walk away. Thankfully, through the help and loving accountability of Steve, I was able to simply enjoy the browsing, while dreaming up occasions for which I would wear item xyz, if I could purchase it.  If nothing else, certainly a revitalization of childhood imagination has been ignited in the heart of  this shop-starved girl during this 365 day exercise of restraint.

I shared my shopping adventures on King Street in July, and of course, we re-visited them while in Charleston this weekend.  However, what I’d not prepared for was our impromptu stop in Savannah.  Sunday, on the way home from my cousin’s wedding weekend, we decided to make a food stop at Paula Deen’s A Lady & Sons Restaurant. We were so enamored by the southern charm and comfort, that we decided we should spend the night. Or, perhaps it was the overindulgence of fried chicken, collard greens and ooey-gooey butter bars that left us paralyzed, in a food coma, disabling us from continuing the voyage home.  Nevertheless, we booked a room via smart phone while eating the buffet and opted for an afternoon of walking it off.

Speaking of walking it off, I should note that Broughton Street is host to mainstream retailers and boutique shops alike. This stretch of fashion road will keep you on your feet for some time. Even off the beaten path and tucked away alongside the city’s famous courtyards and parks, you will find eclectic book stores, dress shops, etc. I was mesmerized. Two of my favorites were the Paris Market, with its whimsical take on French and other European decor & gifts and Terra Cotta, a vintage inspired clothing boutique. These little goodies are definitely on Aimee’s list of “MUST VISIT & BUY 2012”

Take a look inside Terra Cotta or check out her blog

My shopping day attire (inspired by that pop crazy song)

Coming up from the river walk, while working off some comfort food.


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