A Wish Granted…

November 19th, 2011

Day 323: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Wow. What a day.  We celebrated Olivia’s birthday…9 days early. As luck would have it, she is sandwiched between the week of Thanksgiving (sometimes falling on the holiday weekend) and Steve’s and my wedding anniversary. On top of that, her birthday falls prey to the first bite of a busy Christmas Season.   In an effort to be extremely deliberate about celebrating her, I began weeks in advance planning her “Wish” themed party. The idea is one I borrowed from one of my favorite websites: HWTM.com

From cutting and crafting paper accents, to assembling favors and planning the event, I felt pretty certain that I’d covered all my bases with regard to preparation. My parents graciously opened their home in order to give an added “fairytale” feel with their picturesque enchanted garden. I’d even invited a surprise guest, Princess Aurora, to join the festivities.

However, what I did not anticipate was a horrible aesthetic crisis.  When I arrived at the party rental location to pick up the table and chairs, I was horrified. What I expected to be a set of 12 white folding chairs, turned out to be 12 cobalt blue, horribly rusted and visibly worn metal folding chairs.  It was obvious to me that the associate noticed my apparent misinformation and disdain,  yet offered no solution. I was working hard to keep my composure by asking if there were chair covers. The answer was no.  I was in trouble.

At 10:45, I arrived at my mom’s, distraught over this minor misfortune. Mother, who is the most creative and resourceful person I know, was not rattled in the least. She pulled out a huge bag of tulle that she saved from my sister’s wedding. We began wrapping all of the chairs in the tulle.  3 hours later and T-minus 1 hour to party start, the ugly blue school chairs had been transformed and I was thrilled! I began setting up my enchanted garden…

The party was to begin at 2:30. At 2:15, I was all set and awaiting the cake delivery, when I felt a drizzle.  Fearful, and in efforts to avoid a complete meltdown, we decided to take no chances and in a matter of 15 minutes, transferred the entire party inside. We restructured the dining room, moving furniture feverishly, and organized the place settings. I felt my frustration intensifying, but tried my best to remain calm. By the time 2:35 rolled around, the party was beautifully set, cake delivered, and guests arriving. You know, even in light of the most detailed planning, you can never underestimate the power of the unexpected. While there were a few disappointments with regard to my own personal party expectations, I’m sure that my little one’s wishes were granted; her unexpected visitor, the icing on the cake! We were very grateful for all of her special friends who took time out of a VERY busy week to celebrate with us!

The birthday princess coloring her “punch-out jewelry” craft. (Great find at Stationery Loft!!!)

All of Liv’s friends received a magic wand and some push-up candy treats.

I loved these sweet little cupcakes! And yes, I did cut and assemble every one of the toppers. I CAN craft! lol

The girls, looking quite surprised about the arrival of….

SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!! I have never seen a room full of little girls so quiet! They were completely in awe! Aurora told them a story, played a game, gave lessons in princess etiquette , sang happy birthday and helped Olivia open her gifts! What a magical day!!!

It was a dreamy day and so worth it!


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