On The Road Again…

Day 312:  Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Tuesday, November 8

Forgive me, but the quality of this post will not be as thoughtful, perhaps, as some others. I’ve been in bit of a whirlwind the last 24 hours. I’m on the road again! From organizing family logistics in my absence the next few days to preparing for my first national meeting with my new ICT division, I’ve been running. To top it off, we received an unexpected pneumonia diagnosis for Owen Monday evening. So, I had to re-organize some things and plans for his care needed a bit more attentive detail. I pen this from my hotel room quickly, as I’m preparing to attend a corporate dinner.  It’s invigorating to meet new people, and reconnect with old faces. i actually bumped into a representative I trained with back in 2004 when I joined the company. We were both relieved to see that we’ve survived the past few years of downsizing and realignment.

The good news?  I received a call from Steve a few moments ago that Owen’s condition has greatly improved.  Also, today’s session was casual dress.


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