Target Talk.

Day 311: Items Purchased, 0 Temptation Radar:0

My mom shared a photo with me today (see below). I think it’s a powerful statement and certainly,makes a whole lot of sense. It also coincides with a message discussed in a book I’m currently reading (I did say I would read a lot more this year and I have).  I was reminded of the photo again, when standing in the Target return line today  I overheard a conversation between two ladies,

“You know, I like to think of myself as a patient person. You gotta have patience.”

“Oh yes, you are. You deal with a lot.”

” But when a person just keeps on doing the same things to annoy me and bother me, well…at some point, enough is enough!”

” I know, you can’t just keep putting up with that.”

I walked out at that point thinking to myself,

“So what you’re really saying is you’re not patient at all. Actually, you’re just running a silent offense tally in your head, and when you actually decide to cash it in, you’ll recount all the unspoken grief you’ve endured and make the person feel like a jerk? Okay.”

Yep, that’s patient. That’s forgiving. That’s understanding.


I only recognized this because the exchange was quite familiar to me. Over the years, I’ve had similar conversations, perhaps even used that exact verbage, exhorting my patience and goodness toward others, as if somebody owes me something for  my tolerating their shortcomings or differences. Or even worse, making flighty assessments about things, without remembering my own struggles or making an effort to relate. How self-righteous of me. How ridiculous. It reminded me that I’ve a long way to go in demonstrating the art of understanding in the way it’s meant to be given.

Well, we’re all growing. Btw, I was returning some mittens for Livie. I mean, does a 4-year-old Floridian really need Missoni mittens? I think not.


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