Haven’t I Seen that Scarf Before?

Day 310: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Sunday, November 6 2011

Standing in the line at Starbucks today, I noticed a young lady walk in with her mother. She was wearing a pair of dark denim jeggings, a fuchsia long sleeve t-shirt, nude patent leather flats and a floral scarf… a very familiar floral scarf. In only a moment’s time, I was able to flash through the Rolodex of images in my mind to locate the wonted neck piece.  It was the WALGREENS Scarf!!! No joke.  If you haven’t been following the blog long, you can learn more about the Walgreens scarf here: https://shopfast.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/adventures-with-the-walgreens-scarf/. Anyway, I’m sure I appeared quite bizarre to them, staring into the drink and snack cooler with a mischievous smirk on my face.  I resisted every temptation within to ask her, “where you’d find that gorgeous scarf?”   For I knew it would be an impossible question to deliver with a straight face. To cave into the urge would also leave me forced to explain the whole Shopfast thing, while giving them my blog card and telling the story. All of these being the type things that embarrass my husband and, I must admit, remind me that I’m far more like my Dad than I’d care to admit with regard to quirkiness. So, I just waited patiently, giggling on the inside, trying to remind myself that I was only there for coffee and so were they.

On a different note, my family is still battling a bit of cold & flu type symptoms. It really stinks.  My energy level is much lower than usual and I’m trying to gear up for another week of work related travel beginning Tuesday.  Meetings galore in this last quarter. But, the holidays are upon us and the last 2 months of the year offer my family much to celebrate.We’ve birthdays and anniversaries right along with Thanksgiving and Christmas, and dare I say, the most enticing season of shopping knocking at the door! So, if you’re a praying type, keep em’ going up for me. I need all I can get!

Finally, in the spirit of fun fall fashion, I’d like to present another version of the infamous mini-dress-gone-tunic styling.  Social Awareness with regard to acceptable, age appropriate wardrobe is a real hot button for me right now. I find myself chickening out on short and tight styles with too much skin showing, and more youthful labels. Must be a mid-30s thing. Did I just say that out loud?



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  1. P.S. Do you really hand out blog cards? I’ve been meaning to make some for mine to try and get more local readers. P.S.S. I clicked through to your walgreen’s scarf post and your out-of-body photo experience is hilarious. I catch myself doing things that my mother-in-law and mom both do. Oy.

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