Here They Come……

Wednesday, November 2

Day 306: Items Purchased  0, Temptation Radar:5

I had the urge today. Why? Conspiracy I tell you.  Being beat down with a cold, the need for comfort is intensified beyond comprehension and I , feeling quite weak had an untimely meeting with the mailbox. The mailbox can be your worst enemy. In fact if we did a modern-day lay man’s version of the story where Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, it may look something like this,

“Aimee, being full of strength and resolve after fighting 306 days of retail wars, was led into the mailbox, where she would be tempted by the catalog frenzy that awaited her. “

Here they come…..the catalog brigade. Yes, thank you Anthropologie, Lilly Pulitzer, Pottery Barn, and Bella Blues. The holidays are upon us and the retailers are hunting, with a vengeance,  to choke the life out of me with every single glittery page of holiday fabulousness.  I actually felt a slight bit of drool seeping from the corner of my lip when I gazed upon Anthropologie’s knotted buckle boots and flowering Pompona Cape   This, a sensation seemingly far removed from my current collection of possible responses to stimuli, returned as a reminder that a slip-up is only a glossy page away.

But, thankfully, I was provided a way of escape from such temptation: 5 heaping loads of laundry.


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