Folks, I’m a little under the weather. I suppose it could be said that I’m fighting my very first illness of the cold/flu season. Because of this, I refused to be photographed with my children on Halloween. I’ve been sick since Sunday and it’s just the pits.  We did have a great time trick-or-treating. The street was blocked off and the children had free reign of the neighborhood. You know, I think it’s quite interesting the way that the desire of a child’s heart can be revealed through something as silly as their choice of costume. Olivia is such a dreamer, always hoping to be rescued by a prince or adored by a baby doll. It’s no surprise she chose Snow White, who was equally nurturing to seven little dwarfs as she was beautiful to her prince. Owen loves to be a strong tough guy. He’s always pretending to rescue someone or save  the day. He offers to protect his sister and I when we go places.  A natural superhero, I tell ya.  I love imagination. It’s such a gift.


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