Little Kitchen Helpers

Day 298: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Friday, October 28, 2011


Invasion of the kitchen helpers!  We had to remind ourselves today that we are, in fact, celebrating fall. After all, it is still quite warm and humid in Central Florida., yet sub-tropic temperatures did not prevent me from wearing a sweater today. Granted, it was a short-lived show, as I feverishly peeled it off while waiting outside for the grand opening of my small town’s newest attraction: Hobby Lobby.  Three Words: Oh.My. Gracious.  This could easily become another stumbling block for me in the great Shopfast.  Expecting it to be primarily a showcase of arts and crafts, I was stunned to see the great selection of home decor items and cute gifts. Yikes!  I blew in and blew out quickly with only a few bags of craft beads for my children (they are into friendship bracelets).  Perhaps it was being in the craziness of craftville, that got me feeling all Martha Stewart.  What to do?  Well, we baked.  I broke my 1 week sugar fast for a pumpkin cupcake with 2 little bakers. It was totally worth it.



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