A Clinical Depiction of ACSS: Acute Cerebral Scorch Syndrome

Day 295: Items Purchased:0,  Temptation Radar

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is the story of an emergency situation that occurred today in the life of one young-ish lady, who’d apparently over-indulged in her work.

Clinical Presentation

34-year-old female


Lifestyle: non smoker, non-alcohol, diet and exercise program 1 year, generally optimistic


Hypertension, Chronic Agitation, ADHD

Addictions: Facebook, recovering shopaholic

Medications: Coffee, Candy corn (recently discontinued)

Symptoms: disorientation, dazed and confused

Patient presented to blogosphere this evening clearly dazed, confused, unresponsive. Upon administration of emergency espresso shot, patient began chanting series of  abbreviations related to medical science: LDL, HDL, VLDL, IDL-C, and the Friedewald Formula: LDL-C=TC-HDL-C-VLDL-C.

After further analysis, we learned that the patient, had been severely inundated with a dangerously excessive amount of study content for an upcoming testing cycle. She had also been confined to an office conference line for 2 days straight, multiple hours at a time. We discovered that she had become well-versed in the area of managing Severe Hypertricglyceridemia, and lacked ability to shut her brain off, once we revived it.

Diagnosis: Acute Cerebral Scorch Syndrome

Treament Regimen:  Re-fuel herb tea,  melatonin,  2 Tylenol, a thoughtless blog post and a good night’s sleep.

Our patient:


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  1. haha! I’ve finally awakened from the dead. Hopefully, I’ll get to post about the last couple of days this evening! Thanks for peekin’ in Leslie & Van. Hope you have a great weekend.

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