My Magic Boots

Day 290: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have magic boots. I know, I know. Crazy, right? But really, it’s true. They possess the most interesting ability to draw people in.  Last winter, while waltzing the boots through the Mall Millenia, I was chased down by a lady very eager to inquire about them.  I’m not exaggerating. I heard the woman shouting, “Excuse me, Miss! Excuse me!, as she scurried to catch up with me.  Steve and I turned to answer, thinking there was some sort of emergency. “Where in the world did you get those boots!? I love them!!!!”  Startled by her sense of urgency, I realized quickly that I could relax. Really? The boots? That’s it? After that, when traveling with them, random people within the most unusual scenarios would go to, in my opinion, unusual extremes to uncover the history of my magical boots.  It actually got to the point where my husband would just roll his eyes whenever someone encountered us on the subject of my footwear.  I had forgotten all of this actually, until yesterday.  I dug them out of the closet for the first time this fall, as we experienced temperatures in the low 60s, and wore them to date night. After a meal at Longhorn, Steve and I decided to walk to Starbucks for a bit of , dare I say, exercise (ah hem). While walking, a black suburban honked and pulled off beside us.  Looking over, we did not recognize either of the ladies sitting inside. The driver rolled down her window saying, “I’m so sorry….we just have to know. Where did you find those boots!? They are fabulous!”  I answered their question happily, the same way I did for several others this morning: at the pumpkin patch, Target and the Halloween Store. Steve stared , at me mildly perplexed.”The Magic Boots. They still work.”, I replied. He just rolled his eyes.

BTW….check out the jumpsuit my sister nabbed for me at a thrift sale! Good call, sis!


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