You Know What’s Scariest?

Friday, October 14 – Monday, October 17

(Days 284-287)

I can’t keep up with this crazy blog. Seriously, life is flying by at super sonic speed and I’m just hanging on for dear life.  In a nutshell, the past 4 days could be reviewed in list form as:

preschool, soccer practices and games, team snacks, theme parks, football parties, gatherings with friends, long jogs, chores, work, emails, lots of hugs, deep breaths, church meetings and lots of love.

The blog, sometimes my escape and other times my burden, remains two steps behind.

So, rather than catch up, I’ll just say it like it is: Shop Free Me battles on.

No Time. But, no purchases either.

Instead of a power suit today,  I aimed to enchant my clients with a power brooch. The sparkle speaks from afar and engages the attention of all who encounter it. Not really, but it sounded good. May I invite you to see beyond the dress and brooch? For there is a story hidden behind the seemingly  superficiality of an outfit. This story, if it were told, depicts beautifully the disorganization and half-heartedness of an overworked woman striving to double as happy homemaker. Scarecrow in the ferns? Really? Yea. Martha Stewart just choked.


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