Double Thrift. Now That’s Funny Stuff.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 283: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Once upon a time, on a very normal Thursday, the most unusual thing happened: I was thrifted!!!!  It’s always exciting to find a second-hand treasure at an affordable price, but when someone thrifts YOU and they do it successfully, that’s a real jolt! I visited my mom today who had done some shopping at a charity thrift sale recently.  My sister was part of organizing it, so mother got first dibs on the rummaging.  Pleasantly surprised by her fashionable eye, I was thrilled to see she landed 2 rompers: one pants and one shorts, a great pair of dress slacks and blouse from Ann Taylor.  The best part? She chose them for me!

This is probably a good time to disclose that my family is a little bizarre when it comes to purging things.  I become frustrated with clutter pretty easily. So, it’s not difficult for me to part with things, and dump them rather impulsively. My mother and sister, on the other hand, save everything, and can find a practical use for almost anything. So, as a standing rule, I donate clothing to my mom or sister, who are too nice to tell me if they dislike, and ruled by the gift of preservation and their parsimonious ways rarely give things away. After all, what if they need them later?  Thus, my mom’s garage could be doubled for a homeless clothing shelter akin to, let’s say, Salvation Army. And, because of this, occasionally, we can be found shopping our own garage sale.  With that in mind, you can understand how it was possible for my mother to present me with one last “thrift” find, which actually WAS my dress, gifted to my sister, donated to garage sale pile and subject to final baggage check by my mom who “thought I would like it.”

I did like it, certainly more today than the day I got rid of it 2 years ago. So, I took it back for round 2.

And that, my friends, is how you end up thrifting your own thrift.


4 responses

  1. First of all, MY. GOSH! This is hilarious. Your mom sure does know you, huh? I have no problems purging my closet. Clutter makes my brain go numb and then I can’t figure out what to wear. My mom is the opposite, a complete pack rat. Secondly, there is something wrong with my reader and posts from days ago are appearing in my inbox, which is why I’m back here again responding to your Thursday.

  2. Van, it’s my issue on the blog. I’m so behind because I was working like crazy last week. I’m behind, and backlogging posts. So, I still have Friday, Sat. Sun and today to report about. Lots of happenings….just no time. I’m on the hamster wheel, girl!

  3. 1) What dress was it? It probably doesn’t fit me anymore – ugh. baby.

    2) I left a you a voice mail about these clothes and rompers the night I sorted before the sale!

    3) We live by the “if we don’t use/like it within a calendar year it goes rule,” and we clean out our closets and purge every 6 months. So, yeah, I’m offended.Just kidding. I’m not. Just kidding. I am. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. 😉

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