The Evening I left Splitsville for Paradise.

Day 282: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Wednesday, October 12

After successful completion of our teams’ account reviews today, the meeting came to a close  and it was time to split…Splitsville, that is.  Our entire team took our dinner plans to a bowling alley by the same name.  I am not a bowler. In fact, my only claim to fame regarding the sport is the “turkey” (i.e. 3 strikes in a row),I threw in my college bowling class. Yes. That’s correct. I took a section of bowling…a completely different story entirely.  Sometimes, you have factor a few no-brainers in your coursework.  Things went well when I scored a 117!  Anything over 100 is decent in my book. It means that you actually hit more pins than you missed. It’s been a long time, but I can still throw!

Another item of importance that could be handily added to my list ,entitled, “It’s Been A LONG Time”, is the existence of a clean house.  Perhaps one of the greatest frustrations these days is the fact that I’m a clean freak and no one else currently taking up residency here shares this perspective. Conflict of interest? I’d say so!

Tonight, for the first time in 4 years, I came off a business trip to a clean house! I know. You’re waiting for me to tell some flowery story about my AMAZING husband who put on the apron, cleaned and baked homemade cookies while awaiting my arrival in sexy negligee and a bed blanketed in red roses, right? Wrong. Not that he doesn’t do these things…. in my dreams, but not  today.  No, I finally resorted to hiring a little help. For the sake of my family, and their mental health ( and because barking verbal abuse is so wrong), I enlisted the service of  housekeeper.

She is wonderful!  I came home to what was, by my interpretation, domestic paradise. Sparkly bathrooms! Shiny wood floors! There were no snack crumbs sprinkled with care on my carpet, the clear evidence that the snack policy has been violated in my home. Yes, it was paradise. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I found a note from her which indicated that they, as a sweet little extra, had tackled my garage! Friends, if you’ve seen my garage, you understand that NOBODY goes in there without a concealed weapons permit and a rescue team. It was immaculate.  I almost fainted.

Shopfast money saved has now been allocated to housekeeping services. I’d say this is wise utilization of resources!

Boy, if I’d have had people over this week,  I may have actually been able to pull of the charade that I’ve “got it all together”.



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  1. That’s awesome, Aimee! Fortunately, my Hubby likes to clean, so I am covered in that department. I do get what you mean about coming home to a clean house. After being away for some time, it’s relaxing to be in a sparkly house. Yep, the money you’ve saved, is well spent.

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