Day 280: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Monday, October 10, 2011

To write of the craziness today may seem, to some, a way to illustrate the manner in which I’m able to multi-task and juggle much. Realizing however, that I’m not alone in the ever-evolving “Battle Of The Hyper-Scheduled” remain, most assuredly, uninterested in reporting an itemized list of accomplishment in exchange for a pat-on-the-back. Instead, I scribe simply as a reminder for myself in the future that this was my life for a season, and as insane as it may be, my flexibility in the midst of change is a strength.  Things started rather routinely at 5:45am when I brewed a pot of coffee and began packing lunches for two preschoolers. Fully aware of and anticipating their imminent awakening, I raced both the clock and the sleepy ones, in hopes that I might complete the lunches and take 3 sips of coffee before they need  me.  I usually lose every time.

With lunches packed, emails checked, kids dressed (picture day, after all!), kisses, hugs and instructions administered, I was ready in time to be a few minutes early for my 9am. This week, work requires that I be away at a regional business meeting for a few days, and knowing this I had much to accomplish on a most manic Monday.  What I had not anticipated, however,  was the zinger.  A zinger, for those who think it’s limited to a witty retort, can also be defined as an electrifying piece of shocking news that produces startling results.  The latter definition was the case with me.  I opened up an email from my new boss, stating that I was to arrive Monday evening (being “today” monday), rather than Tuesday, and meet with her at 7:30am for my one-on-one business review.  Slight panic. I have to leave today???? I am not prepared.  Despite feelings of minor angst, I continued with my affairs finishing a meeting with my colleague, account calls, and finalized planning. I quickly texted Steve to offer the zinger. We share everything, after all.   We’ve learned that in order to survive we must be flexible in all things. In the middle of my textathon to Steve and other ancillary childcare providers, I remembered that my new housekeeper was scheduled to start Tuesday morning and NOTHING was tidy.  So, after work, I rushed home to clean up, pack the children (who would spend Tuesday night with Grandma), pack my bags, organize my presentation materials, prepare dinner and get rolling.  By 8 pm, the family was settled and I was on my way to Tampa.

I’ve never been so happy to see a quiet hotel room in my life.  I, having forgotten to eat dinner, ordered room service and called it a night. Go me.


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