Stoked over Artichokes!

Day 277: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 5

Friday, October 7, 2011

No clothing purchases, but I bought some vegetables. More specifically artichokes, of the faux variety, for display in a large bowl on my dining room table. I had to purchase them because the store  was hosting its closeout sale. You know, a now or never sort of thing. I chose option “Now”.

It’s amazing what a few pieces of produce will do for positive outlook and creativity. Suddenly, I started noticing all of the other things around the house that needed, shall we say, “sprucing” and I started to get a little giddy. Of course I banned myself earlier this year from home decor, so passed on lots of enticing home accents. My grey area? Christmas Decorations and faux produce.

Also a note of particular importance is that this shop carries a wide variety of boutique clothing including, Lilly Pulitzer, Judith March, and Esley.  THAT detail was very difficult to over look, especially at marked at 50-75% off. I do believe there was even a $10 rack. I didn’t even peek. No lie. Such a cute little small town treasure that had been a favorite hideaway for 10 years. So sad to see it close the doors.


2 responses

    • I think they are open today from 10-5. The clothes didn’t seem to be moving much all. I’m surprised about that. The home decor has thinned from when I first visited Thursday, but Saturday afternoon they still had good variety. Tons of Christmas and Halloween stuff. I’m sure you could find a treasure or two, Cathy.

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