The Story of Aimee, The Crabby Lady.

Day 276: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:3  (cute little blouse at Target–on sale $13)

Thursday, October 6

I’d first like to thank Target for the additional $10 in gift cards I received today, due to my monthly purchases of laundry detergent, paper towels and GoodNights (affectionately referred to by my children as “sleep pants’). I do believe that beefs my gift card total to about $45!  At some point, before the end of the year, I’m going to have a jolly good time at Target. Today, I wasn’t feeling it.

Speaking of clothes, the cursed Anthropologie catalog came today.  Something about that store during the fall and winter months makes me a little weak in the knees. After a quick glance, I tossed it immediately, as it was clearly a safety hazard. Besides that, I was dealing with a bout of fragile emotions, so I really have to be careful. I gotta be honest, I’m experiencing a bit of crabby attitude lately.  I feel bad about it. Really.  I wish, at times, I could conquer the frustration of what’s really bugging me.  In times past, I would have just bought something to make me feel better. Now, that’s not really an option. And, quite frankly, my eyes have been enlightened to the fact that therapeutic purchases never really were a suitable solution, nor did they ever provide an actual remedy. Bitter sweet discovery, I suppose.

Some new things I’m trying on to help me work through the junk…

  • Hurt people hurt people. — Don’t make the mistake of becoming one and perpetuating drama.
  • Exercise provides clarity.– When you feel stuck in an emotional rut, give place to movement. Jog rather than jab.
  • Pray it Forward–  Let your heart pray the right thing, even if you have to work toward “meaning” it.
  • Make Gratitude your attitude –focus on the good things. Fixate on them. What we magnify grows.
I can’t say I’ve fully employed this strategy, but the course is charted. I’m on my way. Right now, I’m still prone to vent and act out. I know, most people never do that. Oh, and if I find this becomes strategic failure, I’ll just stoop to telling my children elaborate bedtime stories substituting the names of the few people who creep my nerves for the “mean ladies” and ferocious villains.  I’ll talk about how corny and horribly dressed they are, how yucky they are and how very mean they were to the fabulous princess (yours truly..ah hem) ROAR!!!!!  Surely there’s something remarkably salubrious about that, right?  Nah. That’s naughty.

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