In Training. This is a 4 for 1!

Monday September 26- Thursday September 29

Days 265-269,    Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar: 0  (Wish I had time to be tempted)

New Role at work +New Boss+ New Products= More Training.

The corporation for which I am gainfully employed decided to overhaul the entire commercial business operation. You know, just small stuff. Anyway, effective October 1st, the state of my business changes and I will be a part of what they call the Integrated Customer Team. This week, I’ve been chained to my office, engrossed in an abundant amount of training and tests.  See kids, you never get away from tests. Somehow, they come back to nibble at your nerves.  Because I’m experiencing acute brain overload, I don’t really feel motivated to discuss the details of the last 4 days. I mean, I can’t even look at my husband without thinking about his PSA or feeling the urge to explain the various parts and functions of the male reproductive system, and this strictly in clinical context, of course.  Yes, I’d say I need a break from urology terms and  the male anatomy. Thank you very much.  I’ll spare you the details of my learning, however, perhaps a picture will serve as an accurate depiction state-of-mind.  Today, I test. Prayers, please.

It all started well….

And Suddenly, the formula kicked in: Conference Calls+Study Modules+Peer Groups+ Reading+ More Reading+ ADHD=

Hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon.


One response

  1. I’ve been through something similar when the company I worked for went through a nightmare corporate merger. My position was in limbo for nearly 8 months! I didn’t lose my job, but it definitely cause a lot of sleepless nights and emotional overload. Sounds like your position is secure, just different. Maybe it’s a great opportunity to learn some knew skills? That’s a positive, right? Hang in there, Lady! You’ll get through this.

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