The Last 100 Days

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

I don’t understand why I am reporting 0 spends today. Actually, I do. It’s because it was not clothes I purchased. However, my family made a huge spend today: Annual Disney Passes. It’s hard to commit to this kind of expenditure even for the more (ah hem) frivolous personality. Because I’ve backlogged entries a bit here, I can share that 2 days after the pass purchases, I experienced an unexpected financial woe. A surprise set back. Isn’t that the way it goes?  Get ahead…back in the gutter….get ahead….back in the gutter. Bright side? It’s a GREAT thing that my shopping habits have waned somewhat this year. Who knows what kind of stress I’d be experiencing if I was fully indulging my normal retail habit.

But, let’s get back to Sunday, September 25. We spent time with family and friends! Yes, we braved Disney World with a rather large group. Because of all the excitement, I nearly forgot that Sunday marked day 265 of Shopfast.


100 days is quite significant in terms of politics. The initial 100 Days of a new presidential administration provides a microscopic view of directional strategy and take-off. Everyone watches to see what The President will do- selection of advisors, his plan, budget proposal- to get things up and running. Next they will analyze his progress and make predictions about the next 4 years based upon those critical 100 days.  I don’t know how many analysts I have on board here, but I do know that I’ll be strategizing, reviewing and reflecting throughout these last 3 months. Further, I’ve some personal goals  set forth last January that I must accomplish, namely eradication of my final credit card balance.  By December 31st, I hope to have it to 0.00. It will take a miracle.

God has been good to me. As I sit here at 3:30 am (quite honestly, battling a bit of anxious energy), I’m in need of only three things: more specific instruction, more wisdom and the ability to watch my words.  Sometimes, in frustration I spout things prematurely or vomit words that just indulge my flesh (like yelling at credit card telephone representative, and most recently sending expletives and their abbreviations via text message, because that’s not really “saying” them. Right.) I’m praying that the Spirit of Grace would extend to me more grace for a seemingly tumultuous season, and that somehow, by his glorious power, I’d be able to exude that precious fruit of the spirit: self-control, in ALL of its fullness (not just the spend-freeze part). It’s clear to me that the first part of my prayer this morning will be repentance.  You can’t go your own way , in your own strength, for too long without realizing the need for Him. Because He loves us, He corrects us. He convicts us, so we notice the error of our ways. It’s His goodness and mercy that reveals where we missed it and helps us get on track–if we’ll listen and obey.  I could spin my wheels all day trying to figure it all out and make a crash plan. Actually, I spent much of yesterday doing this.  But, as the good book says, His plans are higher. No, I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect and perfection is not what I strive to acheive. But, I want to be pleasing to him.  I know I can’t afford wistful words, indulgent behavior gratifying only my flesh at the expense of spiritual growth, or refusal to receive truth. When the heart and soul of our actions is planted deeply in the purpose of pleasing the Lord, His peace abounds in our lives.  When peace is not abounding, it’s self-check time. One thing I know: I love Him. The rest? I’m figuring it out hourly.

Just keepin’ it real.

“Look Mom! The end is in sight! 100 more days! Keep your eyes on Jesus!”


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