The Hot Husband.

Day 259: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Monday, September 19 2010

One of the beautiful things about putting yourself out there (in terms of the blogosphere) is that at any moment you can be caught quite unsuspectingly by the comment of reader… more specifically, a reader for whom you had no idea was a follower. May I clarify the comment came rather unconventionally, as blogs go. It was delivered verbally with spontaneous eruption, and in the midst of the work place. I, waiting patiently for Dr. X while chatting casually with his nurse, found myself caught unaware.

“You crack me up, girl.”

“Me? Why?”

“Your blog!”

Suddenly, semi-personal had swerved into ultra professional’s lane, and I found myself straddling the two. Busted. Nervous too, much like when the doorbell rings post-shower, and I’m standing in the buff, paralyzed  between the bathroom and laundry rooms, squatting toward the hunt for underwear, wondering “if I move will they see me?”

“Oh, really? You read it?”

“Yes. It’s interesting. I’m always wondering ‘What’s she gonna come up with next? What’s she gonna be wearing?’

The conversation continued, and I felt more at ease. Words of affirmation tend to break down the barriers to awkward communication. Just about the time I felt full release, she said  it…

“Oh, and your husband is freakin’ HOT!”

Huh? What huh?

Suddenly, I incurred the most unusual physiological response to this WAY UNFORSEEN observation of my love. My cheeks flushed bright red, my stomach fluttered. I laughed and questioned it all at the same time.”


“Hell, Yea.”

“Oh my. (LOUD HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER). Well, I think so too.”

“Have you seen her husband?”

She looks to her confused colleague, and then pulls up his picture on the website to share. Then it dawned on me.  I am not the only woman swooning for Steve. Oh. My. Goodness. Others may think so too. Will they tell him? Should I be nervous? Perhaps others in the ferocious feline species find him pounce-worthy. The primitive was sparked in the heart of one egocentric Shopfast girl who thought her rant on life, via a blog, was just easy way to speak her mind. Suddenly, putting it all out there had a new meaning. For now, The Hot Husband has been unleashed.


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