Adieu, Notes!

Day 257: Items Purchased: 1 Dress with my $40 in Nordstrom Notes, Temptation Radar: 3 (because I didn’t really see anything else and actually got the dress)

Perhaps it could be said that I was bit indulgent today.Steve was gracious enough to watch the children for me to make a special event over at Nordstrom in the cosmetics department.  After having my makeup done, quite dramatically with the whole smokey eye thing, it occurred to me that I had no plans. Bummer. All dressed up and nowhere to go.  So, I decided to do the unthinkable. I dined at Brio…alone. I sat out on the patio for over an hour, lingering over a delicious lunch and people watching. It was glorious! No interruptions. No Rush.  I remembered the $40 of Nordstrom notes burning a hole in my pocket, so I traveled back to the 2nd floor to check out the sale rack.  I could not resist this cute striped dress for $39!!!! I think it looks a bit Marc Jacobs-esque and I can see putting a little black military crop jacket over it in cooler temps, with some shoe boots. Oh yes, the power of the visionary. It was a difficult deliberation over whether or not to use the last Nordstrom Notes.  Can’t you just see the pain?

In order to adequately document the smoky eyes, I decided to have a photo shoot. This is my most comfortable and easy shopping outfit.

Romper: Tart

Shoes: Tahari

Watch: Michael Kors

Other Baubles: Stella & Dot.


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