In The Mood For Missoni

Day 253: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar: 10++++

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If my theory about mass marketing’s pandemic influence of impulsive and erratic spending upon women had not previously been proven, it was, indeed, validated today.  I entered Target with sweet anticipation for what had been broadcast to be the greatest and most alluring mass merchandiser’s collaboration with a high-end fashion design house. Understanding my weakness in the arena of both  large-scale advertised sales and impulse purchasing, it was with fear and trembling that I entered Target, moments after they welcomed the arrival of Missoni.

I was not alone, because at 8:00am I was preceded by two other ladies, one named Julia, who had already completely filled every layer of the cart. When I saw their finds, my blood started to stir, heart racing and I quickly grabbed one size in every style I thought was cute.  I then traveled to the little girls’ section, home goods, and continued the hunt.  It wasn’t long before I ran into more familiar door busters, Courtney Philpot & Brandie Lansford…their carts also piled high.  It was shopping urgency at it’s finest and all of us fallen prey to the “gotta have it” bug.  And then it hit me.


Clutching $25 dollars in gift cards, which would have easily purchased a cute accessory , I decided to pass on this one. I turned that cart around and B-lined back to the front of the store.

It’s funny, because almost instantaneously upon making the decision, it was like that anxiety and pressure just lifted off of me.  About the time I was returning the items to their proper rounders, my friend Julie walked in. We just laughed out loud at the crazy party developing in the foyer of the store.  At that moment, I shifted my attention back to the 2 strangers and my friends, enjoying their selections and watching them try things.  Courtney is nearly about to pop with baby girl Sydney and not feeling her most energetic, yet when she put on the multi-colored knit poncho, it was like the whole room lit up.  Julie tried a gorgeous knit cardigan that looked like it was made just for her, and of course, I can’t forget Brandie trying to determine whether or not she should get the adorable striped hoodie.   What did I purchase? A dress and a skirt for sweet Olivia. Her birthday is in November and it will be the perfect gift!

Meet Julia. She’s a blogger too, and came fully equip with a list. She forwarned her husband of the damage she planned to inflict.

This one was a hard one. Very difficult. But it reminded me to stay on track. I said to Julie, “There will always be something I want. There’s always the next big thing.”

This was the cart I abandoned after taking only 2 minutes to fill it….

I will say that my favorite items are the colored mini-sweater dresses, navy&blue maxi with matching cardigan, and black and white cardigan. Mom, are you reading this?


5 responses

  1. This is Julia from your yesterday’s Target Missoni fun morning party 🙂 Nice pictures, thank you, I love the way you post them , with some mysterious glare:))) I actually just created a new blog here on “WordPress” , and after reading your inspirational entries (and looking at the pile of my receipts from yesterday + today and adding them up) I am contemplating to do the same, I mean shop-fasting…I am really doubting that I could last 365 days, but I might do at least 3 months in the beginning ( this will be tremendous help to my budget anyway 🙂 I need to ask you about more details…It was very nice meeting you!

  2. So funny you abandoned your cart! lol I too had BIG plans for the missoni/target collection (which had the biggest marketing campaign right?) but I didn’t even go to the store or website because if I had the money to buy the high end Missoni collection…I don’t think I would.

    It’s hard to not get caught up in the hype, but congrats! You conquered the hype-monster! lol

    • Donyale, It was very hard to not get caught up in the hype! So much fun. I’m actually a Missoni fan, and when I first heard it was coming to Target, I was disappointed. I’d invested in pieces and thought mainstreaming it would dull the brand. I have to say, it was a very well done capsule collection for the most part. 🙂

  3. Hi Julia! You found me! It was a pleasure meeting you. Just checked out your blog. How fun! It was great meeting you. I went back to Target last night to find that it was cleaned out. I’m convinced you got the BEST of the best! Shopfasting can be fun. Start small! I’ll cheer you on!

    • I think it is a fancy thing to carry around business card with your blog address to pass on to crazy shoppers like myself (not really, I shop pretty rare, Missoni was a 6 month anticipation), not mentioning that it was quite easy to find your blog this way. I definitely will do 3 months ( take break for Christmas, since normally I am in Europe or somewhere traveling at that time, so I have to keep my prospective realistic and be honest to myself). I am posting my Top10 Favorites today in my blog from my Missoni shopping cart . I really like everything I got, especially house staff, but some outfits were nicer when I tried them on rather when I looked at them on the hangers. I hope you also will have a better day today! Did you ever find out more about your Secret Santa? 🙂

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