Fashion Night Out

Day 249: Items Purchased:0,  Temptation Radar: Suprisingly, only a 1 or 2 despite the fact that I spent the whole evening at International Plaza’s Fashion Night Out.

Fashion lovers everywhere united this evening, for what could be easily touted as the most exciting shopping event of the year: Fashion Week’s Fashion Night Out. This kick-off to the acclaimed NYC Fall Fashion Week, took off a couple of years ago and now spreads nationwide with shoppers everywhere showering their retail support upon the establishment.  Although, I was unable to purchase this year, I decided that with the support of my best buddy, Mr. Reed, that I could weather the storm. We had a fabulous time browsing the merchandise, people watching and most of all enjoying a delicious dinner at Capital Grill.

You wouldn’t believe all of the give aways, snacks and goodies they were serving up. Neiman Marcus offered a few make-your-own-candy-bag bars. We loaded ours with jelly bellies, chocolate covered pretzels, rock candy, sour patch jellies and gumballs. Steve thought for sure that was worth the trip!  Nordstrom gave us these delectible chocolate mousse cups and iced coffee.  So sad I didn’t win the $200 shopping spree. Bummer. Nevertheless, it was evening was a high style, red carpet event and I was just thrilled to soak in all of the happy energy!

My first stop? The sunglasses counter where I fell in love with the new Tom Ford aviators…

See you next year!






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