Blouse Gone Wild.

Day 245: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We were belly up in BBQ at my parents’ house. It seemed the perfect occasion to offer this blouse one more opportunity to behave in public. The pressure was on! Strong positive performance would ensure it another year in my closet.  It failed…MISERABLEY. The criss-cross front lapels allowed my belly to peek out. Not cool. The low v-neck took too much liberty in the flash-without-warning department. Therefore, my fuchsia blouse won an all expense paid, one way trip to the donation pile. I run a tight shift around here, and have no time for little Miss Blouse-Gone-Wild.


One response

  1. Despite the blouse’s wild tendencies, you do look cute (with a splash of leopard). I’m sorry that it has to go because it’s a fab color on you. Have you considered layering it over a blouse–worn as a vest? I think the second pic is adorable, including the caption. I can relate. In fact, the Hubs and I got into an inane discussion argument about the term “vain” just yesterday when I asked him to take a couple photos of me on our vacation (didn’t have the tripod) for the blog. The heat had gotten to us and we were on the last leg of a mini-road trip and simply agreed to disagree. It’s a big reason why I take my own outfit pics and choose not to share hobby with the Mr. There are some things that men just don’t understand–fashion is one of those things.

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