Cleaning Up & Clearance

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Friday, September 2 2011


Friday is cleaning day. Cleaning day, by way of Target, turned into “Buy New School Clothes for Olivia Day”, which should be a post in and of itself.  Despite the fact that I ran in to purchase a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and a wood floor mop cloth, I must admit my excitement in stumbling upon this cute pair of polka dot pants for her…

on the clearance for $3! I paired them with the most adorable “Girly Girl” shirt, which is apparently so new it’s not even posted on the Target website yet.  I have to say, Target does a beautiful copy-cat version of Crewcuts. It’s pretty impressive. The graphic T’s with tulle, satin, and glitter embellishments look like they could have jumped out of the J. Crew catalog and into the red buggy.

Here is a Crewcuts Version:


And my Target version! Not bad.

And because I get VERY exciting about cleaning, I must share my new product discovery. Lemon Verbana, anyone?

This stuff cleans as beautifully as it smells. And yes, I sure did pay $7.99 for this cleaner. After all, a splurge is cause for celebration….even if the party is in scrubbing the kitchen counters.


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