The 9th Inning or Month…Same Thing.

Day 242: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 4 (just a slight urge to go shopping. it was a weak one, but noteworthy.)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It’s easy to stare at this blog sometimes, and roll my eyes, thinking, why do I keep on doing this?  Why the writing? Why the constant analysis? Why, for God ‘s sake the shop ban?   The times I’ve debated myself over the necessity of documenting each day on this project are too numerous to mention.  But in the end, I’m drawn to it, noting that every day I stay the course is another inch of personal growth and, in a way, an unlocking of something new and exciting. I remind myself daily that it’s not about who does or doesn’t read it, whether or not the pictures are clever or the content appealing. It matters not if it’s savvy or cute. What matters is that I’m honest and engaged in telling the story. That’s all.

Can I let you in on a secret? It’s getting easier… the shop fasting thing. I didn’t say it is easy. I only said it’s getting easier. Why? I’m broken. Completely. I no longer fill emotional needs with a cart full of stuff. I don’t compete with girlfriends or try to keep with the Jones’s. It occured to me recently that I, frankly, couldn’t give two rips what people think of me, and overcoming that, formerly my biggest fear, has turned me into somewhat of a bold little lioness. grrrr.

(By the way, the skirt I’m wearing here was part of an outfit I wore to one of my bridal showers nearly 11 years ago.)

So what do I look like going into this 9th inning of Shopfast?  Something like this…

  • no longer boasting my identity in outfits
  • not broke
  • less stressed
  • appreciate the value of delayed gratification
  • I know what I like.
  • feel far less impulsive
  • less spoiled
  • feel more sensitive… nurturing,even
  • I’m growing spiritually
  • I’m learning new practices: Pilates, yoga,sewing,
  • I’m enjoying the shoe parade in my own closet.
  • I’m singing out loud
  • Apparently, I’m less of a witch.
So, I guess the only disappointment I have with this whole thing is that my husband hasn’t surprised me with any non-occasion related gifts. I’m really stunned by that. I digress….
Incidentally, stress still triggers over-eating and mild shopping urges. Today, I learned that I, in fact, still have a job. Perhaps a more highly esteemed job than I had yesterday. I’m thankful. Elated, really. Thankful to God for always looking out for me. Prior too all this information, I ate a 1/2 pan of brownies for breakfast. At least I didn’t go to Target, right?

One response

  1. I actually don’t mind when there are no photos because I enjoy your writing, with that said, a photo is icing on the cake. Love this series of shots. It’s great to see you to let loose in a classy outfit!

    Wearing motherhood with style.

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