Parking Lot Prophecy

Day 240: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Monday, August 29 2011

Once upon a time, there was a middle-aged, mildly neurotic  and overly tired sales representative who was lost. Yes, lost in the parking lot of a large medical clinic, perched high in tall heels, pull cart in tow, clutching umbrella in the pouring rain. For a moment, this picture may seem unfortunate, or funny to some, but for her…it was most prophetic.

Prophecies, as they go, are not always finite.  In fact, your response to the sign can often change your course or affirm it. Sometimes it is a warning and other times it is a confirming word. Either way, it serves the purpose of aiding direction. The young lady clicks her car alarm several times to ignite a hint of where her vehicle might be hiding. She is frustrated, wishing she’d not been on the phone when she parked the car because surely her chattiness is the direct cause of her absent-mindedness.

She walks from one complete end of the parking lot to the other, scouring each aisle, like a bird searching for crumbs. Despite the most worthy efforts to shield herself from a summer afternoon thunderstorm, she’s still splashing through puddles and her cart is clearly taking a bath. What to do?

She stops, letting the rain drops tap on her shoulder, turns around and runs back to where she started. She prays for direction and begins again.

Moments later, on the 3rd row, she spots her vehicle, shiny black and looking as if its tail lights were smirking at her. “Ah! There you are!” She ran over and climbed inside, with moments to spare before her 3 o’clock appointment.

You know, of all the places a person can be, the worst place to be is lost. Lost is a destination for which there is no comfort. No peace. No direction. No clarity.  Everyone, at some point in life, finds themselves there.  But, how do you respond when you feel lost?  That, my friends is the most important question.

I suppose it’s best to go back where you started, pause & catch your breath. Ask for direction, and set out again. Our answers our most often times are right in front of us, our destination not as far away as we suspect, and our dreams very near.  So, your feet get a little tired in the wandering, your clothes a little damp in rain…who cares? It all wrings out in the end. The answer is near.


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