The Ultimate Trade Transaction.

Day 239: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Sunday, August 27th


“I Work For Gift Cards.”  Sounds like a neat catchphrase, right? Seriously. I must confess for a brief moment I was contemplating how I might be able to win some more Target gift cards. Right now, I’ve $25 worth.  I was wondering if it would be fair to do a card swap? Meaning, I would swap my $40 dollars in Nordstrom notes for $40 of Target gift cards. Would this be acceptable?  Although, I’d have to find a willing party to make the transaction. So, if anyone wants to trade some Nordstrom notes, give me a shout.
I’ve my eye on something special in the upcoming Target collaboration with Missoni. Speaking of Target’s mastermind collaborations, I’m wearing a piece from one of my favorites: Tucker. If you’ll remember, about this time last year, TUCKER by Gaby Basora did a line for the mass merchandiser. Maybe it was the wistful design and ethereal silks that drew me to her. Or, perhaps it was the fact that the name and vision for her world renown brand stemmed from a dream. As the story’s told Ms. Basora awoke with the name TUCKER on her mind. She decided to look it up only to find the definition meant “a piece of cloth draped around the neck and shoulder.” That was 7 years ago. Her designs took Barney’s New York by storm and eventually the Target collaboration brought her talent to the mainstream. A true creative, drawing inspiration out of a variety of sources spanning from her family of artists to Parisian flea markets, Tucker clothes breathe vigor and refreshing with every twirl of a skirt. Below, you’ll see one of my favorite blouses from her 2010 collection for Target.


I have no idea what I’m doing here. Dorkin’ out, I suppose. And Lord, my eyes are still puffy from head cold and lack of sleep. Please pass the cold ice compress. Gracious.



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  1. Thanks, Van! No, the neck is not criss-cross. Actually, it’s gathered. The chairs, were perhaps my very first attempt, several years ago, to mix patterns. I thought it best to practice this technique at home before assaulting my wardrobe with it! lol I love layering patterns in and furniture as much as I do clothes and jewelry!

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