The Comfort Basket.

Day 236: Items Purchased: a whole bunch of presents….for SOMEBODY ELSE.  Temptation Radar: 5–because I actually fell in love with a blouse I selected for my friend.

Thursday, August 25.

It appears as though the cold & flu fairy decided to sprinkle sneezy dust on my head with hopes of  ruining a most productive weekend. It’s been a whirlwind week. Beyond my normal work and family affairs, a presentation of various unexpected needs and situations arose in the lives of many I love, and required attention.  I think the snotty flu fairy thought she could distract me from my purpose. She failed.

I delivered a basket to my friend today, who is walking a familiar path, and one I traveled a couple of years ago. Her infant is in the hospital with critical illness. The little one is progressing well, but it has been a scary week. No stranger to this type of insidious threat to peace and happiness, it was no question that I would drive to Tampa General with a few comforts to help her along.  Some of my favorite items were a journal with the words “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends” happily sketched on the front, soothing Tea, custom notecards she could send to her other 5 children at home, relaxing tea.  Don’t worry, I did not neglect to fill it with Starbucks frappacuino and junk food. Certainly, chocolate and caffeine are vitally important to surviving extended hospital stays.



Ironically, I also did some personal shopping for a dear friend who, sadly, will be participating in her
Mother’s memorial service on Monday. She had a beautiful black ribbon-tiered skirt and needed something to pair with it. I suggested a gorgeous long-sleeved ivory silk blouse with feminine neck tie and cuffed sleeves. She loved it. I ordered it. Done. I know she will look beautiful.

On a different note, I cut 4 shaggy inches off my weave.  Feeling a little lighter for sure. Yes, I look exhausted. A cold will do that to you; so will 2 monkey children who get up at 5:00am everyday demanding chocolate milk and Little Einsteins.



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