Shopping Replacement?

Day 237: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Friday, August 26th

It appears as though I’ve found a replacement for shopping. Instead of B-lining for the International Plaza, I go Pinteresting.  That’s right, I sit in the comfort of my home, usually in pajamas with a hot cup of coffee and pin anything cute I see on the web! The world’s largest bulletin board with no clutter! Basically, I think of a theme word, (i.e. color, composer, fabric, room, treat, picture, place…whatever), type it into the Pinterest search engine and see what comes up.  My creative juices are just in overdrive with all this eye candy.  I even have an app for my phone that allows me to play on the go! Today, I saw a  real showstopper on a blog I follow. It was the perfect party! Had to go pin crazy and share it with the world!  Can you imagine, a Chanel inspired baby shower? How fabulous!

Speaking of parties, I love hosting them.  Honestly, for about a year now, the hospitality gift has been a bit dormant for me.  I can’t really explain it.  It is not unusual for me to throw several large-scale celebrations in a year.  Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Easter Luncheons, Christmas Parties.  Over the last two years, I suffered acute motivational issues that drained me of party desire. Perhaps it was a bit of sadness that took it. I even considered skipping my annual Christmas party. But, after a gentle nudge from my mother-in-law, I decided it would be good for me. It took all of my strength to host,but I did it and it was lovely.

Could it be that I’m really coming out of the party-less fog? Will I host again? I sure do hope so. Gearing up for a fun-filled harvest and holiday season with at  least a few special events.

Feast your eyes upon this gorgeous Chanelesque shower. Wowza. Is it okay to host your own birthday party??? Just joking



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  1. I have learned quite a few easier ways of doing things on pinterest. Lots of good tutorials.
    I’m making the I SPY bottle for Landon this week, so it has kept me busy. I’ll be posting the sign I made on FB soon. It’s going up in the room with the crayon madness, lol.

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