What In The World Is Happening!?

Day 230, Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Friday, August 19

Lately, I’ve been far less inclined to go shopping. Really, it’s true. I got to thinking about it today. It’s been awhile since I’ve even been to the mall. Perhaps, it’s just this busy time of year that keeps me from focusing on it. Who knows? Yet, another observation has totally startled my senses: I’m not as powerfully drawn to fashion.  So weird. I’m not obsessing over the latest “whatever” or thinking about what edition I need to make to my wardrobe, although it would be nice to have the freedom to buy something.  In fact, my latest issue of Lucky Magazine has been sitting, in plastic, on my counter for 2 weeks. Haven’t even opened it. Normally, I’d rip it open the second it arrived. This is all very bizarre to me.  I think there is a great deal of truth in the old phrase,  “What you don’t feed, will eventually die.”  Like a diet, the less you eat, the less capacity you have in your tummy for food. Your stomach shrinks. I think my fashion appetite has decreased a bit. I’m nervous that I may have a difficult time identifying what it is that I like when I return to the world of retail. Is it possible that I’ve lost touch with my personal style? Scary. I’m hopeful that my return to the storefront will be a more tempered one. I trust that a more selective, thoughtful, composed shopper will emerge onto the scene, making wise, well-executed purchases.

Eventually, I will have to acclimate myself with closet updates, trends of 2012, and identification of my style tastes, but for now, it’s best to focus on a far more important orientation….



(clothes credits, Dress: Shoshanna, Earrings: Street Market Soho, NYC, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Stella & Dot)

This is Owen’s last year at Preschool; a real tear-jerker, I’m told.  Olivia is beginning her journey in the 3’s!

Good times!


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  1. Seriously your kiddos are delightfully adorable! I’m a preschool teacher (of the 3-year-old group) and what a joy it would be to see those precious faces each day! 🙂

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