Days 225,226,227: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Sunday: Nothing. i had thoughts…but could not articulate


Monday: Nothing. Still mute. I’m sorry


Tuesday: STILL NOTHING!!!  Well, not quite. I have a few thoughts

Please excuse me, as I’ve basked in the joys of Nadaville, the exotic paradise where one just has nothing to share.  Seriously, I’m so dead right now. I don’t even have the energy to write or take a picture. It’s the strangest thing. I did actually dress cute for work today, but no photo. Shame.  I’ve not shopped. I finally exercised this evening for the first time in a while.But, I must confess that today I discovered how to actually navigate amongst the Pinterestists.  They are nuts, those pinning peeps! Pinterest website is a seductive little place.!  I imagine that I could waste an additional 2 hours a day just loving on all those boards. Good Lord.   Hail to creativity and those who inspire it!  I’d write more, but I have pinning to do!



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