Of Course I’m NOT Shopping, but if I were……..

Day 223 & 224: Items Purchased:0. Temptation Radar:0

Friday & Saturday August 13, 14

I love coordinating outfits with my 3-year-old daughter, Olivia. It’s just intoxicating! Matching  gets us even more giggly when we are wearing Lilly Pulitzer.  Unlike her dress-deprived mother, Liv scored six new “minis” this summer, none of which mom has patterns to match. Boo. Hoo. Because I really enjoy pouring salt into open wounds, I decided to browse the website today. If by chance I were in harvest season,  however, I’d be piling up my tote with these:

Oh, yes….fall has arrived for Lady Pulitzer. Despite my personal closet famine, I feasted upon pages and pages of Lilly’s deliciousness. It gives me indigestion akin to the type you suffer after devouring a huge banana split.  There you have it, cyber gluttony. I’m guilty.  But, don’t worry. I have chaperones to make certain I don’t stumble into a purchase….


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