Leftovers. Yuck.

Day 220: Items Purchased:0, Temptation Radar:0

Tuesday, August 9th

When I was a kid, my mom was the crock-pot queen. She cooked everything in a large cooker and we always ate left-overs. Whether it was a roast beef stew, or chicken a la’ something, we rarely wasted food. An entire chicken could be used on days 2-6 in the form of sandwiches, exotic tacos, soup, and dip…something. Today, I still struggle a bit with leftovers.  Perhaps this is the reason why walking into my closet, as of late, makes me want to hurl.  I’ve experienced a bit of OTSAS. I know, it’s a psychosis probably new to you, meaning “OH, THAT SHIRT AGAIN? SYNDROME”  Shopfast, much like the left over experience with food, which began quite well-intentioned, is now becoming a regrettable provocation of illness. Earlier this evening, I walked in the closet with goals to straighten and reorganize –I couldn’t. I just rolled my eyes and walked out. The closet content frustrated me. I felt full of the same ol’ and just wanted to purge. I feel like I’ve been wearing sun dress d’jour every single day of my life and I’m O-V-E-R it.  Inspiration for a cute ensemble escapes me. I’m just flat over my closet. Is this a side effect of shop fasting?  Is this what happens when your senses are dull toward the latest and greatest new trend?  Am I becoming shopaeorexic?

I may need an intervention–someone to help me piece together the remainder of my days in a creative clothes collage and help me find hope.

Any volunteers?  Oh, Olivia just raised her hand.


3 responses

  1. I love playing dress-up and rummaging through other people’s closets! I would be there in a heart beat, if we lived nearby. And it’s completely normal to feel like one has nothing to wear–even with a closet full of beautiful clothes. This feeling shall pass! Hang in there.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

  2. Thanks, Van.I sure appreciate the encouragement. I think I may take my friend up on her remix offer. 🙂 Cathy, I may be callin’ you soon, although I can’t imagine you’d have time for this, busy lady.

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