A Few Words On Socks & Spinning

Day 213: Items Purchased: 3 pair of white socks (seriously, I can’t believe I feel the need to disclose this), Temptation Radar: 0–because who the heck gets excited about white socks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Did I mention that in the course of this whole “Shop-fasting” thing, one of the biggest reasons for initiating the project was to spend  time items of far greater importance than shopping?  In a nutshell, a life-changing trip to Paris last year provoked an epiphany of sorts regarding my materialism and superficiality and  all that I was missing because of it. I purposed to widen my perspective a bit, to embrace life a little more. Since then, I’ve spent much of time  nurturing my family, acknowledging my spiritual needs and exploring new types of fun.  Beyond the financial impact of shopping, the time I would spend mall-walking enticed me away from other interests.  Exercise has, perhaps, been the most noteworthy shift of priorities for me. Rather than making Marshall’s and Target runs, I spend rush hour in the gym, or early mornings with a Pilates reformer. Because I have never really been too habitual with exercise, I didn’t even anticipate the need for fitness clothes or athletic socks when setting my Shopfast goals.  So, I have purchased a couple of socks and dry-fit pants. After a half-dozen times of leaving spin class, looking like I’d pee’d my pants, I decided it a public courtesy to do something about it.  I suppose cotton yoga pants were never really intended for cycling. Who knew?

Today, my Pilates instructor Jaime, invited me to a attend a class she teaches at a hip cycling studio in our town. “Urban Spin”. Look, I’m willing to try anything urban in Lakeland. Ha! Kidding aside, It’s a pretty cool place. Unfortunately, my eye has been infected, thus the glasses. What a great workout we had! Let the record show, I can spin!

How much more do I have to turn that knob to the right????? OUCH!

Self-portraits with a point-and-shoot camera, taken after 45 minutes of exercise.  Not my best work.


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