Freakin’ Target.

Day 209: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 10

Friday, July 29


The first day the temptation radar has buzzed in some time…all because of freaking’ Target.  Target has that insane way of just luring you in. Tricking you into the mindset of “discountary“, my word for the science of discount shopping, it sucks you into the need for necessary evils: clothes, shoes, exercise equipment, beauty supplies, home decor. It is the mecca for all things cute, yet not too indulgent, and always justifiable. Lately, I’ve done well to steer clear of the red bullseye. However, my husband had the bright idea of taking a Friday night trip for the sake of Owen’s Birthday. Upon our arrival it was revealed to me that the entire shoe department was 50-70% off. Now, I can overlook a deal, and certainly anticipate these type temptations in greater abundance , as we are approaching the end of the season. But this…..this was different. It was as if NO ONE had purchased a pair of shoes the entire summer and the store had to make a drastic price reduction. I’m telling you, 5 aisles including every shoe style stocked were slashed. Yes, I did try on the pair of Dolce Vita’s that I’d been eyeing all summer. No, I did not buy them. Yes, my children were with me. And yes…they did proclaim at the top of their  lungs “Mom, let’s gooooo… can’t buy anything anyway!” Thanks, kids. Shoeless? Yes. Satisfied? No. A new desire was unleashed: I want a bicycle.

Like this one….

….with a basket and a cup holder. Is that unreasonable?  Unfortunately, my negotiation skills were weak tonight. I did not get a bike. Owen did. I stuck my tongue out at him. Freakin’ Target.



4 responses

  1. Love your site! found it through Bethy’s article online. I noticed the same weird shoe thing at Target- the whole summer shoes marked way down (as is evident by my shoes I’m wearing on my blog!) Wow, you amaze me with your challenge- I need to start one!! Praying for your little girl and her recovery.

    • Thank you, peggy! Ya know, I actually in Target this evening (surprise) and the shoes have reached an all time low! The pair I wanted was $7.48! Hubby was with me and was able to witness me wave at them and walk away! lol. I mean, we are hard pressed to eat lunch for $7 around here. Thanks for reading and for your prayers for my little one. 🙂

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