Suck-Worthy Proportions.

Day 205: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Monday, July 25

I love ice cream. Really, completely adore it.  The fact that I’m presently lingering over a cup of chocolate raspberry truffle as I write would ordinarily be of little consequence, save the fact that in this instance the sinful delight is a trigger for yet another one of my infamous confessions…

I consulted a plastic surgeon today.

Gasp! He is known to be a laser genius in central Florida, and I happen to be in need of a Einstein with fire power for my stubborn skin. Of course, when one goes to visit an aesthetic mastermind, it would be rather wasteful to limit analysis to one area only. So, strictly for the sake of research, ah hem, I did let him peek at this postpartum belly of mine.  If you’ve had multiple children, and do not work as a career hard body, you’ll understand the sad frustration that accompanies the bothersome smidge of jelly below the belly button.
It’ s like it just wants to hang around.  Despite my efforts at healthy eating and moderate exercise, I’m still hosting a few folds in the mid-section. Curiosity overtook me. I just had to know….do I need an overhaul?

I, being morbidly ashamed and timid, did not mention my secret interest during the initial time with the doctor. But, unable to leave anything on the table, I was compelled and mentioned it to the nurse, as I turned the door handle to exit. Within moments, the good doctor was back in with a reassuring “Well, let’s have a look!” I have to tell you, having someone poke around my tummy, and squeeze sections of each area was a little weird. However, I was thrilled  and somewhat relived to hear his recommendation. “You will not need a tuck. You’d have fabulous results with just a little bit of liposuction.” With that, I was escorted to a quiet consultation room and given a blue folder. The package contained all of the details on the procedure, my custom quote and a 6 month shelf-life on it. He reminded me that it was a 1 day procedure and I’d feel like a new person. Tempting. Very.

I felt the familiar rush of adrenaline, similar to what I’ve experienced when purchasing a new dress. Tucking the folder  under my arm, and scurrying to my car, I took a deep breath knowing deep down that  these could be tremendously dangerous waters for me.  Shrugging off the guilt, I whispered to myself , “It was only research.”



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