Shopfast Girl To The Rescue!

Day 206: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar.

Tuesday, July 26

In light of yesterday’s naughty little confession about the plastic surgeon, I failed to mention a small victory in the world of Shopfast. I survived the entire 4 days in Palm Beach without shopping.  We drove down Worth Avenue, but only waved…never set foot in one store. One evening we ventured out to the very hip downtown Delray Beach, the avenue lined with trendy boutiques of all kinds and fabulous restaurants. Again, I only peeked int the windows. During the final moments of our trip, I made a 15 minute stop at my sister-in-law’s very favorite store, C. Orrico.   A Lilly  signature shop nestled into Ms. Pulitzer’s native town, the place is all things happy. I scored the perfect summer tote for Stephanie, who watched my children all weekend. I figured it could serve as both a reward and a peace offering upon my return to retrieve the little Indians.

My little ensemble for the final weekend excursion.  This dress has been one of my favorites since I was 26 years old. I will never get rid of it. Pink is not always popular, but pink is always me.

During the celebration of my resolve, thoughts drifted to an article I read recently regarding our nation’s debt crisis. Now, I don’t usually talk politics here, but may I indulge?  The article  discussed repeated warnings from the Chinese government and other international establishments against  our nation’s “irresponsible politics” that  are bankrupting the world’s largest economy. It went on to suggest that legislators are  scrambling to raise the debt limit, ignoring cuts on expensive programs that are draining us.  Of course, the issues of increased taxes and other quick fixes were reviewed. Although it’s not a laughable matter at all, I couldn’t help but caricature the debate in my head. I envisioned a team of  brow-beaten, perspiring congressmen pacing the floor, clutching tightly their pet projects and screaming “We can afford it! We’re not broke!” All of the sudden, in flies Shopfast girl with a hot pink glitter cape and tall stilettos and an oversized pair of gold scissors, screaming, “YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! We can stop spending!  You can stop printing money! Cut it out! I did it! I can help you!”

I did laugh. I laughed because really, despite the  perceived wisdom of leaders, even I have learned this year that the only way to eliminate careless debt is to freeze reckless spending and pay your bills. Try to save and spend cash. These guys are no different from the New Jersey housewife who keeps making comments to the tabloids like…”I’m just so afraid of being broke.” Hello, sister! You ARE broke! The whole world is in denial. Printing money isn’t the same as earning it. Credit doesn’t make us rich. It only buys time. That time has a price tag, which is always more costly than it’s worth.



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