Happy Birthday, Steve!

Day 203: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Sunday, July 24

Happy Birthday, Steve!  Final day of our glorious beach getaway. I must say, one of the highlights was the super fun couple we met from Indianapolis.  They entertained us with a variety of stories and lots of laughs.  Tracy and Jennifer were easy to hang with. By the end of the day, Steve and Tracy were chowing ice cream, and I let Jennifer talk me into a Henna tattoo. For those who don’t know me, tattoos are NOT my thing. Entertaining, indeed.  Amazingly, this couple knew the one person I know from Indianapolis, a friend of mine who trained with me in New Jersey back in 2002 when I worked for Roche!  unbelievable! It truly is a small world.

One of our favorite parts of the stay was beach-side breakfast each morning. We love breakfast and this menu did not disappoint!  It’s fun to linger over a cup of coffee and listen to the waves.

Um…can I give a quick shout out for the amazing pastry bar???? Seriously.

The friends from Indy.

Me, easy-going on the beachfront.

I pulled off the much deserved surprise weekend for my fabulous hubby. We had a ball!


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