Relaxation Station With A Side Of Awkwardness

Day 202: Items Purchased o, Temptation Radar:0

Saturday, July 23

I’m told that finding ways to “de-stress” is one of the most significant actions you can take in improving your health.  Personally, I’ve tried a variety of relaxation techniques and each have a risk-benefit ratio that comes into play. For example, shopping always relaxes me and makes me feel better, however I usually overspend, or experience some form of buyers remorse when the endorphins associated with the hunt have dissipated.  This experience reminds me of the prescription drug commercials where the patient is enjoying his life now that he can, let’s say…”breathe”, however at the end of the ad you learn that he may also be experiencing psychotic thoughts, headache, erectile dysfunction, glaucoma, dizziness and liver failure. Hmm. Sounds good. At least he can breathe. Today, I decided to take Steve on a journey of relaxation in honor of his birthday. When we arrived at the fabulous Eau Spa, Steve declared “Wow, is it still my birthday?”  We were guided to our garden villa where we experienced a rather interesting situation. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I visit spas, the music is typically soothing and without lyric. Wouldn’t you know that if something bizarre and uncharacteristic was to take place, it would be the one time I take my husband!  After the personnel shut off the lights, gave us each a drop of  soothing honey, positioned us on the table and dimmed the lights, the music began. To my surprise, some strange bizare Indi-piano with a side of funk blared through the room,  with  vocalist repeating “you’re so damn beautiful” over and over and over.  I nearly burst out laughing on the table. Because it was a re-mix of sorts, it just kept going “damn,damn, damn, damn.” I could feel every muscle in my body tense up.  To that end, the therapist says to me, “Can I apply more pressure? This left side is REALLY bad.” I could hear a chuckling Steve. I’m known for my tense muscles and inability to relax.  As it turns out, I think they may have been playing clips from the nip/tuck soundtrack. Nevertheless, what I’m about to share are a few pictures of Steve & I  at the crazy little relaxation haven.  Tis true, he wasn’t bouncing off the walls with excitement when we arrived, but by the end of the day, it’s clear to see that he warmed right up.  The side effects I experienced after surprising my most modest husband with a couples massage and spa day however, will not be discussed here.  Happy Birthday to you, um.. I mean me…um us???



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  1. You are definitely living the life. What a beautiful spa. The hubby and I go to the spa maybe once a year together. You’ve reminded me that it’s time to make the date.

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