Day 197 & 198 (Sunday & Monday): Clothing purchased: 0


Steve’s Birthday week, which I fully intended to be a week full of sweet a savory little surprises, has gotten off to a rather slow start. Literally. I’m barely moving. My fabulous Pilates instructor, who has sort of morphed into my new exercise buddy is one tough cookie.  Sunday, we planned to do the reformer machine but I received a curious little text from her stating that I should meet her at 3, and prepare for a booty kickin’. I, being in far less fabulous shape than she, nearly died during the 3 cycle weight interval party she invited me to. Kettle balls, free weights, yoga moves….um, Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Needless to say, it came as no shock when Steve had to physically extract me from my bed Monday morning and push me into forward motion. Incidentally, I desperately need some exercise clothes but that’s another discussion entirely. Oh, and who could forget WORK? My job is also providing a  series of curveballs. I have several assessments and live simulations that I must accomplish over the next couple of weeks. The first one is Tuesday at noon. Talk about added pressure.

And, other randomness in the news would be my parents’ new philanthropic cause: To Cure Aimee’s Adult Acne and skin hyper-pigmentation. Their latest strategy? My mother, lovingly offered me a bottle of Milk Of Magnesia, which according to her research, is the newly discovered miracle cure for flare-up. “Just rub a light layer on your face under your makeup in the morning, then apply another layer before you go to bed.”  I responded, “Mom, doesn’t that stuff help you poop?” Let me get this straight, the same formula that keeps you from having a gastrointestinal incident is now the one you want me to rub on my face? Ok. Clearly, I am in the twilight zone.  Let me collect my aching bones and polka-dotted face and get to work!

By the way, I did check into her M.OM. claim:  she’s right….a lot of people talkin’ about it. Read more here…

Can you believe it’s almost August? What shall I blog about when the shop fast is over? Skin care? Nah…..



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