Day 196: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Nín hǎo! (That’s Hello, in Chinese)

I experienced a culinary conundrum today. In an effort to embrace something new and aim toward a healthier me, I dragged my family onboard my ‘obsession of the moment’, organic eating. With a bit of eye rolling and much hesitation, eventually husband Steve decided to cooperate with my newfound effort. As part of this experience, I discovered an organic vegetable buying group and joined. I love the veggie club because it only requires that I pay and collect my share every 2 weeks and that I not be knit picky about the pre-selected fare. For the most part, I can expect nutritious staples like lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes. But occasionally, a veggie random will sneak into the bunch, mandating a culinary stretch. Stretching myself stylistically is nothing new, as it’s always something to look toward when selecting outfits or helping others do the same.  You can read more about that here:

But with regard to food, now that’s a different story. This week, I noticed an enormous bunch of bok choy hanging out of the share. I had no idea what to do.

Bok Choy? I’d never seen nor eaten it, and certainly did not possess the ‘know how’ on preparation. So, I searched the web and found a great looking recipe on bok choy with bacon. Knowing my husband’s aversion to spinach related vegetables, I was certain that combining it with bacon, his preferred meat group, would prove the perfect deterrent from the glaring truth that bok choy is a fancy spinach/root type thingy. Still confused by the recipe and the stalk of greenery I was staring at,not only did I question how to tame the tall leafy green, but wondered how in the world I’d get my kids to eat this??? So, I busted out you tube and began to translate a series of Chinese cooking videos.  So, imagine me, standing in the kitchen, holding stock of lettuce, with garlic and bacon popping in hot skillet,looking at my family of 3 shaking their heads and watching this How To Cook Bok Choy. It was a moment for sure.

Things began well with the preparation and I decided to get all Rachel Ray on this dish, so I started throwing in chicken and teriyaki sauce.  Voila!  Or should I say, Qiáo! (chinese)
My own spin on it. I liked to call it Crazy Chicky Bacon Bok Choy.

I liked it. Ah hem…yea it was great the family love it. Not. Steve choked his down, while Olivia picked out the bacon and Owen informed me that he was gonna throw up! All in all, I think it was worth it.  Bok Choy and Yoga…I’m like a new woman. Now, where’s my Vogue mag?

Steve is a good sport. Choking it down. Cheers to trying new things! And don’t you think my Chinese language study is improving?


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