Connection or Collection?

Day 195: Items Purchased : SKIRT WITH A GIFT CARD!

 Remaining Gift Card Summary: $50 Nordstrom, $20 Nordstrom Note, $20 Target, $21.50 Saks RewardsFirst

Just purchased:

Anniversary Sale Halogen Skirt. $45 bucks and Free shipping. Now would be an excellent time to point out that my work wardrobe is screaming for an update. Not kidding.  It’s much more enjoyable for me to buy clothes for leisure and special occasion events, so that’s normally where I blow the clothing budget. My shopping hiatus has forced me to revisit the ugly truth that work wardrobe is something that I must make a top priority in 2012.  In the meantime, I stumbled upon this delightful little yellow pencil and brainstormed at least a half-dozen different pairings before committing my very last substantial gift card to it. It is a wise and most excellent choice, I’m certain, and will serve as a suitable rescue piece for my rather sad little career collection.

Speaking of collections, I read the most interesting quote in a book today. Initially, I didn’t understand why it stood out to me.

“‎Admiration is nice, but it is like a figurine on a shelf that you might enjoy viewing, yet never love or connect with on a deep level of the heart.”.**

After pondering it a bit, I began to gain some clarity on its importance, as it relates to me personally. I guess, for me, admiration is the highest form of compliment; Adoration, the ultimate type of acceptance. One’s admiration is, perhaps, the greatest endorsement of success she can give or receive when interacting with another. Something in each of us, I believe,  longs to be admired, or regarded highly.  Many folks make great effort to accepted, via the avenue of admiration, whether it be in a job situation, as a community leader, or even a family member. Quite often it seems like I’m running into people who want to lead, mentor, teach, win etc. In the majority of cases, the motive is altruistic: to help, serve and contribute. But certainly those motivators are accompanied by a more self-serving counterpart: respect and admiration. I’m no stranger to such desires. Yet, when I really studied what it means to “admire” in the context of the quote, a new question surfaced. In my quest to either be admired or to express admiration towards others, am I missing an opportunity to truly connect? Have I set people on a pedestal, simply by praising accomplishment, void of getting to know them? Am I missing opportunities to truly reach out? Do I understand and connect with those who I’ve admired, or do I fear disappointment? Perhaps it’s time to dig a little deeper. Because after all, people are not outfits or figurines. A person’s heart and soul is meant for connection, not collection.


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