Happy Anniversary Nordstrom!

Day 193: Items Purchased: 0,  Temptation Radar: 8 ( a fall handbag that is deeply discounted for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)


This will be, verifiably, one of the most difficult weeks for me in Shopfast.  Nordstrom Annual Sale begins Saturday and they basically take a sampling of all things hot for fall, slash the prices for 1 week or so, then back to full price it goes. Last year, I snagged my gold watch at this sale. It is, to date, one of my most favorite purchases. This year, I drooled over belt-buckled, top-handle bags and boho chic gypsy dresses. Two things I hate: missing a sale, and missing a double points event. But, I’m resolute. I will not shop for clothes. I will not shop for shoes. I will not shop for accessories. Repeat.

However, I was able to splurge a tad on a few makeup items, necessary and permissible under the shopfasting contract. Being a good shopping citizen, it is necessary that I share with you my two finds so that you may hustle out this Saturday and snag yours.

Laura Mercier’s color kit (I am a Mercier loyalist and believe it to be some of the best on the market…and I’ve tried it all.) It’s a $220 value for $75.

Also, if you need to update your makeup brushes, don’t miss this next deal. They are M.A.C.’s Cinem-Matics Brush Musts: Set of 5 Brushes or a set of  4 face brushes. $49.50/set. This, folks, is a steal! Travel sized handles make this a real treat! Well, I feel like I’ve done my civic duty for the evening. Happy Shopping!


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