Still In Vacation Mode

Beach Trip

Day 192: Items Purchased: 0 Temptation Radar: 0
I just can’t help myself. I’m still in vacation mode.  While I thought a ride along with my boss today might snap me out of this beachitis, I only found myself more enticed.  It is inevitable: the only way to avoid withdrawal without negative effect is to wean carefully. Therefore, I will take my children to the beach Thursday. I see no way around it. In the meantime, therapeutic initiatives to tailor my crave was made possible through creating this set of photographs. Might I suggest you sprint out right away and snag a tube of Laura Mercier’s indulgent lip hydratint! With an SPF of 15 you’ll be moisturized and protected from the sun. It’s like a day at the spa for your little puckers. I’m telling you. You will love it. I must also admit that I have a new-found love for Kendra Scott’s jewelry designs. If you’ve not experienced her gorgeous stones gilded in gold, treat yourself… my honor. Or, better yet…just ship me a pair! Visit her website at
 Well, back to reality now….which is cooking dinner, with a mild headache for the peeps. Perhaps I could stick my head in a conch shell later to hear the whisper of the ocean?


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