Days 177,178,179: Items purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 10++++ (Boutique Bonanza in downtown Charleston, SC. Gracious.)

What better way to memorialize the halfway mark of Shopfast than by taking a vacation!  July 1, 6 months in, I celebrated by shopping by brains out with my cousin Morgan. I have much to share already, however experienced challenges in sharing the  photojournalistic documentation of a severely tempting shopping adventure. Here are a couple of shots of my  obvious angst…



By the way, if you knew how long it takes to upload these links, you’d understand why i’m not posting more.

Check out some of my favorite Charleston Shops:

Finicky Filly, 303 King Street,  shop@thefinickyfilly.com

Luna, 334 King Street, www.shopluna.com

Willy Jay’s Retail Therapy, 300 King Street, www.willyjays.com

V2V, 295 King Street, www.shopv2v.com

Francesca’s Collections, 338 King Street, www.francescascollections.com

Copper Penny, www.shopcopperpenny.com

Yes, I’m enjoying yet another leisurely hiatus from the stress of life here in the Sweet South.  This time with a downtown Charleston boutique shopping adventure and a week at the beach jumped onto my itinerary.


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